2015 A-Cross America Relay (18 Feb to 29 Mar)

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  LIFE Runners will run/walk 1,103 legs (~5K each) for 4,089 miles over 40 days.  On 18 Feb 2015, the East Coast Arm (1,997 miles) launches from the New York City Brooklyn Bridge, and the West Coast Arm (2,092 miles) launches from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  See photos and videos from 2013 and 2014 Relays linked below.   The route goes by abortion facilities for prayer with 40 Days for Life groups.  The East Coast and West Coast Arms will unite on Palm Sunday at the beautiful Falls Park near St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls SD - cheers! FLYER. FAQ

STRATEGY:  Although only one person can sign up for each leg (to fill more), others are welcome to join the signed up legs – more participants amplifies the “REMEMBER The Unborn” LR Jerseymessage. Please encourage others to Sign Up. Pro-Life orgs are welcome to adopt multiple legs.  Bulletin announcement and Prayer Wall for the Relay.

STEP 1 – SIGN UP TO BE A LIFE RUNNER:  only cost is to order “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5″ jersey and only requirement is to wear it in public.  You will also receive Team Updates and Pro-Life Devotions.


STEP 3 – PRAY:  before training and racing, pray LIFE Runners Creed to end abortion.  Add to LIFE Runners Prayer Wall.

STEP 4 – FUNDRAISE, for our national beneficiary (Vitae Foundation) and your local pregnancy resource center.

NOTES:  There will usually not be a baton to hand off (order batons).  Each LIFE Runner needs to start at designated place/time and shouldn’t wait for previous leg.  If delayed or unable to complete, ensure leg is completed soonest (by 13 Apr).  If pace is above 12 min/mile, will likely meet next LIFE Runner.

2015 Relay Prayer Rallies:  New York City (18 Feb), San Fran (18 Feb), Sacramento (20 Feb), Washington DC (24 Feb), Salt Lake CityDenver, AltonSt. Louis, ColumbiaKansas City (21 Mar), Rapid City (22 Mar), Sioux City (27 Mar), Sioux Falls (28-29 Mar).  Most of the rallies are 30 minutes and consist of LIFE Runners Creed prayer, baton hand-off, fellowship.  Relay is paced at 12 min/mile.  Option 1:  baton arrives 10 min earlier than scheduled, prayer/fellowship for 20 min, baton departs 10 min later than scheduled.  Option 2:  baton hand-off in the middle of the 30 min event with prayer before and fellowship after.  Promote events with local Pro-Life network:  diocesan Respect Life offices, 40 Days for Life, Knights of Columbus, etc.

2014 RELAY (Mar 5 to Apr 13):  Press coverage.  
* Photos: 
NYCANJ, PA, WV, MD, DCOH, UT, IN, IL, NE, MO (St. L), CO, MO, IA and SD.  
* Videos:  
CA Kickoff, Praying at Golden Gate BridgeNY KickoffBrooklyn Bridge,  NYC Creed, NYC ProtestersNYC News Footage (more), Pro Bikers for Life in NYCNJ sectionSt Cecilia Rally NJ, PA-MD-DC-WVOH – IN – ILBoise LR’s 100 miler in Utah, Utah2Colorado1, Colorado2, CO – Do Something, MissouriRelay Heads Home.
* Video Montage: CA, MO, NJ, NY, IL/IN/OH, DC/MD/PA/WV,

2013 RELAY (13 Feb to 24 Mar):   Recap.  Press coverage.
* Videos:  RecapFinish line,  MOSDILMD/WV/OH/INUT/CONJ/PANYCA/NVfirst 2 weeksBadlandsMississippi RiverMid-MOKC1KC2.

Relay inspiration:  Jeff Grabosky ran A-Cross America from Jan to May 2011 to encourage prayer and Pro-Life:  Running With God Across America book.  LIFE Runners president Dr. Pat Castle met Jeff along that faith journey (daily bread story).