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LIFE Runners map
Chapters need 5 local runners/walkers:
  Chapters have a leader, assistant, Facebook manager, chaplain (prays for chapter).  Chapters can be affiliated with pregnancy resource centers, schools, churches, other Pro-Life orgs, etc.  Pray together before races, fundraise for local Pro-Life orgs, train/gather monthly.  Example schedule and group training tips below.  Have first 5 members SignUp as “no chapter”, and then send chapter request to  Interactive Chapter Map and Contacts.
* Helpful Tools:  FLYER.
* Team Roster:  over 2,500 runners/walkers/cheerers, ages 2 to 88, in all 50 states and 17 countries – Afghanistan, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, United States.

* AL – Decatur (FB):  2012, Lisa/David Rawlings, Roster
* AR – Fayetteville: 2013, Kimberly Prenger, Rhonda Prenger, Roster
* AZ – Phoenix (FB): 2014, Leonard Gutierrez, Roster
* CA – Napa (FB): 2014, Anna Francisco, Roster
* CA – Reedley : 2014, Cathleen Warmerdam, Barry Warmerdam, Greg Warmerdam, Roster
* CA – Sacramento (FB): 2014, Mary Claire Miller, Juanita Baier, Tom Jennings, Roster
* CA – Tracy (FB): 2013, Arsenia Rendon, Roster
* CO – Colorado Springs (FB):  2011, Scott Casmer, Dr. Rich Reich, Fr. Gregory, Roster
* CO – Denver (FB):  2013, Leslie Soell, Kristie Charron, Fr. Chris Uhl, Roster
* CT – New Canaan: 2013, Ellen Jennings, Roster
* FL – Ave Maria Univ (FB): 2012, Maureen Villaca, Leslie Delaney, Roster
* FL – Niceville (FB): 2014, James & Joan Cloutier, Roster
* FL – Pensacola (FB): 2013, Deborah Ridder, Sam Ridder, Fr. Paul Lambert, Roster
* FL – St. Johns: 2013, Christie DeTrude, Drucella Faulk, Roster
* GA – Evans: 2014, Mary Kate & Joe Pride, Roster
* GA – Macon:  2012, Debbie McMahon Levitt, Roster
* IA - Sioux City (FB):  2011, Paula Parmelee, Roster
* ID - Boise (FB):  2012, John Swanke, Jeff Penzkover, Roster
* IL - Chicago (FB): 2013, Marlena Tharnish, Molly Dettmann, Roster
* IL - Dunlap: 2013, Julie Stedwill, Jeff Stedwill, Roster
* IL – Edwardsville (Save The 1): 2013, Kristi Hofferber, Roster
* IL – Effingham (FB):  2013, Bob Feldhake, Katie Waldhoff, Fr. Brian Alford, Roster
* IL - Southern IL Univ: 2013, Michael Esker, Rachel Frichtl, Roster
* IL - Springfield (FB):  2012, Kyle Holtgrave, Nick Gray, Bishop Paprocki, Roster
* IN – Indianapolis (FB): 2013, Thuy Lam, April Lam, Roster
* KS - Benedictine College (FB):  2011, Megan Langenfeld, Alex Rysavy, Roster
* KS – Johnson County (FB): 2014, Theresa Dorrell, Jennifer Schmidt, Roster
* KS – Kansas State Univ (FB):  2012, Kathryn Biver, Ken Strawn, Roster
* LA – Lafayette (FB):  2013, Grant Fenske, Chris Odinet, Fr. Mark Ledoux, Roster
* MA – Springfield (Western MA) (FB):
2014, Mary Kate Henle, Karen Ford, Roster
* MA – Still River IHM School (FB):
2014, Sister Mary Jean, Catherine Adair, Fr Neil Roy, Roster
* MD – Baltimore (FB):
 2012, Victoria Glose, Annie McDonald, Deacon Montalto, Roster
* MI – Chelsea (FB): 2013, Fred Ulisse, Julie Ulisse, Roster
* MN – Aitkin (FB):
 2013, Marcy/Pete Malsed, Leah Jacobson, Roster
* MN - Fergus Falls (FB):
 2011, Tina/Steve Castle, Fr. Greg Paffel, Roster
* MN - Twin Cities (FB):  2011, Robyn Steinbrueck, Roster
* MO – Helias CHS (FB, website): 2014, Mary Haskamp, Roster
* MO - Kansas City (FB):  2011, Lindsey/Josh Bachman, Fr. Joseph Totton, Roster
* MO - Mid-MO (FBwebsite):  2011, Anne Carmichael, Bill Pauls, Fr. Joseph Coffey, Roster
* MO – Springfield (FB):  2012, Gary Momphard, Fr. Bertrand, Roster
* MO – St. Louis (FB): 2011, Ed Heigl, Teresa Laugeman, Kelly Monroe, John Sturm, Chris Talley, Dan Hinrichs, Fr. Joe Coffey, Roster
* MO – Wentzville(Baby Steps): 2014, Peter/Julie Lassiter, Roster
* NE – Lincoln: 2013, Sheri/Steve Baumgartner, Roster
* NJ – Jackson (FB): 2013, Stephen Holinaty, Roster
* NJ – St. Cecilia (Rockaway)(FB):  2013, John Byrne, Michael O’Brien, Fr. Daniel O’Mullane, Roster
* NM – Las Cruces (FB): 2013, Judith Casas, Theresa Daviet, Roster
* NY – Finger Lakes (FB): 2013, Daniel Mruzek, Maria Mruzek, Fr Edison Tayag, Roster
* NY – New York City (FB):  2012, Molly McDonald, Sharla Cloutier, Pat Tina, Roster
* OH – Dayton (FB): 2013, Alice Chapman, Julie Barclay, Roster
* OH – Franciscan Univ:  2012, Christina Schmitz, Fr. Gregory Plow, Roster
* OR – Hillsboro: 2014, Lisa & Scott Stewart, Roster
* PA – Nazareth (FB): 2014, DeDe (Deirdre) Brown, Roster
* PA - Pittsburgh (FB):  2011, Joe Gallo, Dan Stover, Roster
* RI – Rhode Island (FB):  2013, Mike Krzywonos, Roster
* SD – Rapid City (FB):  2012, Karen Patnaude, Nicci Blakeman, Angela Haynes, Fr. Janusz Korban, Roster
* SD – RCCSS (FB):  2013, Barb Honeycutt, Carol Cooper, Shelby Vickers, Theresa Cronin, Megan Albertson, Fr. Marcin Garbacz, Roster
* SD - Sioux Falls (FB):  2010, Paul Westendorf, Sara Beaner, Fr. David Stevens, Roster
* SD – Wall (FB): 2013, Sharon/Glenn Swanson, Pastor Ron Burtz, Roster
* SD – Yankton (FB):  2013, Barbara Heithoff, Deacon Ron KachenaRoster
* TX – Abilene (FB): 2013, Greg Kroeger, Jennifer Kroeger, Roster
* TX – Allen – Sidewalk Advocates (FB): 2013, Lauren Muzyka, Juan Rosas, Fr. Charles Vreeland, Roster
* TX – Austin (FB): 2014, Ruben & Aneta Ollervides, Roster
* TX – Boerne (FB):  2013, Dale/Angel Guillot, James Russell (seminarian), Roster
* TX – Fort Worth (FB): 2013, Hollie Leonesio, Roster
* TX – Houston (FB): 2014, Yesenia (Jesi) Bailey, Roster
* TX – Odessa (FB): 2014, Kristi Grogan, Sarah Dixon, Kimberly Watkins, Holly Watson, Roster
* TX - San Antonio (FB):  2011, Joan Renee Cloutier, Kathy Seastrunk, Roster
* Washington DC (FB): 2013, Marilyn Martin, Angela Clark, Cecile Mckoy, Roster
* WA – Tacoma (FB):
2013, Julie Covell, Kim Wendt, Roster
* WI – Fox Cities (FB): 2013, Fiona Villaca, Melissa Mader, Fr. VanDynhoven, Roster
* WV – Romney: 2011, Tracy Carl, Fr. William Kuchinsky, Roster
* Mexico – Monterrey: 2014, Gustavo Cerrillo, Roster
* Singapore (FB):  2012, Annabella Long, Jonathan Lim, Roster

Example Chapter Schedule (2012):
* JAN:  start training for Fargo half/full marathon (19 May).
* FEB:  praying at Sioux Falls PP abortion facility (25th), start with a 30 min out-back run/walk
* MAR:  St. Patrick’s Day 5M/5K/1M (17th); Shamrock 5K/2 mi/1 mi (31st).
* APR:  30 min run/walk followed by prayer at PP abortion facility (6:30 AM, 6th).
* MAY:  Brookings half (12th);  Fargo ND 5K/10K/full/half Saturday (18/19th)
* JUN:  30 minute run/walk followed by prayer at the Sioux Falls PP abortion facility (6:30 AM, 16th).
* JUL:  First group training run/walk for Oct marathon (6:30 AM, 14th)
* AUG:  Second group training run/walk (6:30 AM, 11th)
* SEP:  Third group training run/walk is Sioux Falls half/full Marathon (9th)
* OCT:  Last group training run/walk (7 AM, 6th), STL 1 M/5K/half/full Marathon and Events (21st)
* NOV:  40 Days for Life, Black Friday run/walk and prayer at Sioux Falls PP abortion facility (23rd)
* DEC:  Advent, prepare the way and make room in our hearts for God.

Monthly Group Run Tips:  To include all ages/abilities.
* Option 1:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, 15 min out-back run/walk at own pace to allow everyone to finish together in about 30 min, close with 10-15 min of group stretching and core strengthening for injury prevention and fellowship.
* Option 2:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, slow team warm up together for five minutes and then press into pace groups.  After run/walk, stretch at a determined spot for fellowship.
* Notes:  Schedule for early morning to avoid conflicts, extend out/back time as season progresses, some will run/walk additional miles before/after, could have optional breakfast/lunch afterwards.  Could meet at abortion mill for the opening group prayer.  After the workout, could have an optional Rosary procession at the abortion mill (17 min).

Helpful Tools:  

Display Board:  guidance.

Bulletin announcement: LIFE Runners pray and run (or walk) to defend Life from conception to natural death…All In Christ for Pro-Life! Sign up to get your “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” jersey and team updates/devotions: Invite other runners and walkers to join us.  For more team info visit  Contact your local chapter leader [name] at [email].