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Chapter Group Prayer Run/Walk Tips:  To include all ages/abilities.
* Option 1:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, 15 min out-back run/walk at own pace to allow everyone to finish together in about 30 min, close with 10-15 min of group stretching and core strengthening for injury prevention and fellowship.
* Option 2:  First pray LIFE Runners Creed, slow team warm up together for five minutes and then press into pace groups.  After run/walk, stretch at a determined spot for fellowship.
* Notes:  Schedule for early morning to avoid conflicts, extend out/back time as season progresses, some will run/walk additional miles before/after, could have optional breakfast/lunch afterwards.  Could meet at abortion mill for the opening group prayer.  After the workout, could have an optional Rosary procession at the abortion mill (17 min).

Bulletin announcement: LIFE Runners pray and run (or walk) to defend Life from conception to natural death…All In Christ for Pro-Life! Sign up to get your “REMEMBER The Unborn, Jer 1:5” jersey and team updates/devotions: Invite other runners and walkers to join us.  For more team info visit  Contact your local chapter leader [name] at [email].

Updates Footnotes:
*  Prayer Wall link
*  You can start a local chapter with just 5 LR’s.
*  Send us photos in your LIFE Runners gear at  Consider holding up a sign that describes “Why I’m a LIFE Runner”
*  Charts/graphs of miraculous Team growth.  1 Cor 3:6. 

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